Top 10 New Baby Essentials

Having a new baby or becoming a first time parent is both excited and scary at the same time. You will be bombarded with all types of baby items and it can become quite overwhelming. There are only a few things you will actually need and I have gathered a list of those items just for you!




I really like Pampers Swaddlers because they are a very soft diaper. I recommend getting a big box of size 1 diapers because your baby will grow out of newborn diapers quickly. Amazon usually has these diapers for a good deal or checkout to receive to print out money saving coupons to use at your local store.


2) Wipes

Having lots of baby wipes on hand are a necessity, especially if you have other small children.I typically use wipes to clean almost anything. Huggies are my favorite brand because out of all the wipes I've tried, they were the most sturdy and easy to clean with. If you're tempted to buy a wipe warmer, DON'T DO IT! 🙂 Really you could but I don't recommend it. I received one as a gift at my first baby shower and I honestly only used it a few of times. The wipe warmer has to constantly be plugged in and on all the time to keep the wipes warm which I kind of thought was a fire hazard. Also, the wipes did not get very warm and I don't think my baby enough noticed a difference at all. I was really glad I didn't have to pay for it.



3) Swaddler

Summer Infant has really cute adjustable baby swaddlers. I had a lot of trouble with my first baby constantly crying when I put him down. He wanted to be help all of the time. I finally tried one of these swaddlers, which turned out to be a great relief for me. Thankfully he didn't cry when I wrapped one of these around him. I was thinking it made him feel like he was being held because the blanket was wrapped just tight enough but not too much. I recommend only using these when your baby is lying flat on his or her back for safety reasons. You can swaddle a baby with a regular baby blanket if it's big enough but I was never able to figure that out lol.


4)Breast Pump

Even if your not sure if you will be breastfeeding for a short period of time or longer, investing in a breast pump is essential. A few days after you give birth your breast will be very engorged with milk. I used a breast pump to help relieve all of the pressure from the milk and be able to store the milk for future feedings. The engorgement can be so painful and when your baby is full, this is the best way to get that extra milk out and save for later. WIC offers FREE breast pumps for income eligible families to rent and some insurance providers cover the costs of a breast pump as well.


5) Car Seat

It's really important to have a good rear-facing car seat for your newborn. This really is a must have and a requirement to leave the hospital with your baby.


6) Baby Bath Tub

Having an infant baby bath will make bathing for your baby so much easier. Bath time should be fun and my kids always loved getting in one of these, rather than a big tub until they grew out of it.


7) Breast Feeding Pillow

These pillows make breast feeding so much easier. Having a breast feeding pillow allows you to be closer to your baby so you don't have to strain your neck and back to reach your baby. I keep my pillow around even when I do not have a newborn or young child. These pillows come in handy for eating, reading and even sleeping.


8) Baby Swing

A baby swing can be fun for baby and also give you a break. My kid's always loved swinging in one of these, esocially after a crying fit. I made sure I got one with music which gives a calming effect to your baby. The sound and music is adjustable. This is something to definitely have to give baby a break and yourself.



9) Stroller

A good stroller will be needed for your little one as an infant and as they grow into a toddler. It can be easier if you don't have a car seat or stroller to buy a travel system. That way you can buy the car seat and stroller at once. These are very convenient because your car seat can snap easily into the stroller.


10) Baby Clothes

It's important to make sure your newborn is in comfortable baby clothes. Something that is not too hot and not too cool for them. Babies grow out of clothes pretty quickly so make sure you purchase some items that are bigger than their current size. This will help you save money and your baby will be able to wear them longer.

My list for new baby essentials is just my opinion based on having two children myself. If you plan on mainly feeding your baby with forumula I recommend using Baby's Only Organic or Earth's Best Organic. You will also need a good set of baby bottles and I recommend Dr. Brown's for that. This brand even makes glass bottles that were my favorite.

I hope this has helped you and enjoy being a parent! 🙂

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