Teacher Appreciation Week : Budget-friendly Ways to Spoil Your Teacher

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at my kids' elementary school. Both kids have awesome teachers this year, so we really wanted to spoil them! I am the co-room mom for my daughter's kindergarten class and we had a week full of activities planned to show her teachers just how much we care.

Here is how it all played out…

On Monday, the PTO served breakfast to all the teachers. Since both teachers love M&M's, they each received a large container filled with their favorite candy. You can print the M&M Mason Jar Lid Topper printable we used here.


M&M teacher appreciation gift

On Tuesday, we brought in an empty vase with this cute little “If teachers were flowers…I'd pick you” printable attached.

teacher appreciation flowers bouquet printable

We told the parents to send in one single flower for each teacher. It resulted in a beautiful bouquet that each teacher was able to take home…

teacher appreciation flower bouquet

On Wednesday, we had a similar idea, this time with fruit. An empty basket was brought in and each child was told to bring in just one piece of fruit. They had a basket full of delicious fruit by the end of the day!


teacher appreciation fruit basket

Thursday was Thank You Card Day. Each child was instructed to make a thank you card to give to their teacher. The room moms made up a Teacher Appreciation Candygram as well. We have a child with a severe nut allergy in the class, so the entire Candygram was made from nut-free candy! It was a big hit!

teacher appreciation nut free candygram gift peanut allergy

Here is the candy we used…

Dear (Teacher's name),

We think you are a SWEETART. You are a STARBURST in the MILKY WAY who can ECLIPSE all others. You are a LIFESAVER. You teach us GOOD & PLENTY so that we won't grow up to be AIR HEADS. You are the RIESEN we love to come to school. You deserve MOUNDS of hugs and EXTRA vacation days because you (POP) ROCK! Love, Your Little RUNTS.

On a side note, if peanuts are not an issue in the classroom, check out this alternative candygram that Danielle (my co-room mom) had previously made…

teacher appreciation candygram gift

On Friday, a generous parent brought in lunch for the teachers to enjoy. We also presented each teacher with a gift card plant. We invited all the students to send in gift cards of $5 (or more) for each teacher. The gift cards were glued on skewers and placed in a potted plant.


teacher appreciation gift card flower tree plant

Rewarding your teacher doesn't have to be expensive. All we asked from the parents was to send in a $5 gift card, a piece of fruit (less than $1) and a single flower (around $1 each). The card could be homemade. For around $7 each, the teachers were showered with appreciation all week long! The week was a huge success and the teacher's loved everything that they received.

My co-room mom (and friend), Danielle, did an awesome job organizing this event. Make sure to check out her blogs Scribner's Scribblers and Mommy and Me Book Club for lots of great party ideas, kid-friendly crafts and book recommendations!

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