Soccer Party Ideas {Food, Favors & FREE Printables}

soccer birthday party ideas and printables

If there is one thing I never pass up, it’s the chance to throw a party! I’m already mourning the day that
my little ones decide they’re too old or too cool for one of mommy’s backyard birthday parties, but
luckily that day hasn’t come yet! We recently celebrated my big guy’s 4th birthday with a soccer themed
party inspired by Pinterest and designed to be budget (and busy mom!) friendly.

The Favors


soccer party favors

Themed and personalized party favors are always one of my favorite aspects of a birthday party. It’s
such a quick and easy way to say “thank you!” to those great friends who played a part in making great
memories over the past year. This year, I hoped on over to the Dollar Tree and Target’s Dollar Spot to
snap up some great goodies.


soccer birthday party favors

These green water bottles from the Dollar Tree fit in perfectly with our theme and were quick and easy
to personalize with a soccer decal. I used my Silhouette to cut each guest’s name in black vinyl, but the
bottles would also make for a great favor just left as is!


soccer party favor printable tag

The cones were a great backyard soccer play set I found in the Target Dollar Spot – each came pre-
packaged with several cones and a small soccer ball for $3. I just typed up a quick gift tag and tied it up
with some black and white baker’s twine (also from the Dollar Spot!) to add a personal touch.


soccer party favor thank you tag printable free


FREE “Thanks for Kicking Up Some Fun With Us!” Printable Gift Tag

A quick note … I absolutely love this green grass tissue paper mat! I wasn’t sure if it was worth the
splurge, but as soon as I unpackaged it and began to set it up, I fell in love! It unfolds into a honeycomb
shaped grass mat and was such a fun detail. Even better – I carefully folded it back up after the part and think I’ll be able to use it for future parties!

The Food

We had an early morning party, so we went with light sweets and finger foods. Blacks, whites, greens,
and “circular” foods were definitely on our minds as we chose our snacks! It was a bit too early for a full
lunch, so small bagel pizzas served as our main dish and were a hit with the kids!


soccer birthday party food ideas

Fun themed snacks included donut holes (chocolate glazed and powder to keep with our colors!), black and white cookies, and jumbo marshmallows which we dipped in white chocolate and rolled in green sugar.

soccer theme birthday party food ideas

For lighter and healthier fare, we also served celery, carrots, ranch, and oranges … because what’s a soccer match without oranges?

soccer party food ideas

Other fun treats included green gumballs and soccer foil covered chocolates, both found relatively inexpensively at Party City. We also put out some shelled peanuts in a festive soccer themed bowl (also found at Party City!), after confirming that none of our guests had peanut allergies.

soccer birthday party snack ideas


A fun, free printable from Three Little Monkeys Studio, adorned with a green whistle made for the cutest drinks … a friend later suggested how cute a “wet your whistle!” sign would have been near these. I couldn’t agree more!

kids soccer birthday party water bottle printables

Perhaps my favorite treat from this party were the cupcakes! I couldn’t have been any more satisfied with how they turned out! We baked the cupcakes as usual, gently pressed a soccer ring on top, and then used a Wilton frosting tip we already owned to create a grass effect with green frosting. They were wonderful!

soccer kids birthday cupcakes


The Fun


Party décor was easy to accomplish with the outdoor setting! A green tablecloth from Dollar Tree, adorned with a mini soccer goal already in our backyard, and an easy triangle pennant made from cutting triangular shapes out of soccer-patterned paper made for an easy decorating scheme.

soccer birthday party decor ideas



soccer birthday party decor ideas

This party marks our first attempt to arrange any sort of structured entertainment, and we were thrilled to have one of the fantastic coaches from our little guy’s soccer organization come out to host a mini soccer session. It made for a fun and unique celebration, and one that the kids just loved! Alternatives might be inviting over a soccer-savvy – or simply an enthusiastic and child-friendly – friend, family member, or neighbor to do the same! And while we’re at it – a $1 movie-size candy box of Whoppers and a cute gift tag is a quick and easy way to thank that coach or special person for stepping in to help make a special day even more so. Feel free to use this gift tag to make your own!

coach printable gift tags


whopper of a coach printable gift tag

FREE “You're a Whopper of a Coach!” Gift Tag Printable

The Finances

All things considered, the decorations and food were relatively easy to do … which I say honestly as a full-time, working mommy of 3! Soccer coach not included, the entire party was made possible for under $100. We made use of many items we already had on hand, but here’s how our costs roughly broke down:

Soccer Cone Favors (Target) – $3 x 6
Water Bottle Favors (Dollar Tree) – $1 x 6
Green Table Cloth (Dollar Tree) – $1
Green Gumballs (Party City) – $5
Foil Soccer Ball Candies (Party City) – $0.07 x 50
A Dozen Green Whistles (Amazon) – $3.50
Soccer Ball Rings for Cupcakes (Amazon) – $3
Soccer Serving Bowl (Party City) – $3.99
Wilton White Chocolate Melts – $3
Assorted Food Costs (Pizzas, Cookies, Cake Mix, etc.) – $30
Party Supplies (Plates, Utensils, etc. / Mainly from Dollar Tree!) – $12
Water Bottles – $3

I’m still working to cut our party costs, but am happier with our out-of-pocket than I have been for parties past. I’m already working out how to cut costs (but not fun!) on our next little one’s birthday party by finding décor and favors in the Easter clearance sections that could be adapted for party fun.

What tips do you have for throwing an adorable party on a budget?

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