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Let’s face it, daycare costs are on the rise and many people do not even come close to justifying going to work each day! Working from home is not only an appealing option, but an accessible one. It allows you to work from home, be available for your children, and remove daycare costs from your family budget altogether! While there are many opportunities out there, one of the most popular (and legitimate!) ways to work from home is blogging. A blog (short for “web log”) is basically a website where you can share information about whatever you know, and are passionate about.

Blogs can be more personal, speaking to family events, personal relationships, etc., or more educational, covering topics like personal finance, parenting, or home improvements. However, writing your blog is not enough on its own to start earning money, you must take the appropriate steps to monetize your website in a way that best suits your topic.

One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog in an unobtrusive way (no ads taking away from your content!) is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you partner with an online distributor (think Gymboree, Fiverr, Shutterfly, etc.) that suits your readers’ tastes, and share their products/promotions on your blog through a link. When someone buys something by clicking on one of your personalized links, you make a commission!

Now, it would take forever and a day to join individual affiliate programs, site by site, so affiliate networks create a space where you can access hundreds of companies in one spot. One of my favorites…ShareASale!

ShareASale has one of the widest varieties in affiliate categories I’ve seen, and their commission payouts are the highest around. Some programs can pay as low as 3% of a sale as your commission…you won’t find them on ShareASale! I know for some, getting into affiliate sales can be a little intimidating, but the ShareASale site is incredibly user friendly, making it virtually impossible to make a mistake. You can easily search through hundreds of retailers, join the programs that best fit your topic, and start creating links as soon as you are approved (usually within 24 hours of applying to the program).

When you start exploring their website however, it can be difficult to not start joining every program you see that has a great payout – don’t fall into this trap! Remember, in order to earn a commission, your reader has to make a purchase. If you run a blog on parenting, chances are you won’t have much luck with a link to a workout protein powder!

You’re biggest success when using the ShareASale affiliate program will come from sharing products you genuinely believe in, or have used yourself! Trust is a very important factor in affiliate marketing, and your readers will know when you are supporting something because you believe in it, and when you are posting a link to make a quick buck! With such a wide variety of programs to choose from, ShareASale will provide you with more than enough to choose from (no matter what your topic), so you can start earning money in a way that feels good for both you, and your readers!

Get started monetizing your blog today by signing up here. For more tips on how to make money with your blog, visit my Make Money Online category.

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