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I've recently joined Sverve and I'm very happy with how it's been going. If you've never heard of Sverve, it's a blogging network that connects brands with bloggers. You get paid for simply blogging and there are many opportunities to choose from. Since I've gave it a chance I've made money promoting through Twitter and blog posts. I really love how easy it is to use Sverve and I'm sure you will love this website too. Who doesn't enjoy making money online with minimal effort?

Sverve is similar to Pinterest in that you can share tips, your own blogs posts and you can network with other bloggers. This gives you a platform to get your own name and business out there for more exposure which I find very appealing.

One major thing that I really like about Sverve is how soon you get paid. There's no waiting for weeks for your payments to be disbursed. I completed one job and payment was sent to me the following day via Paypal. The payment is sent through an e-check so I have to wait a couple of days for it to clear but that was no problem at all. In addition to quick payments, the payment threshold is only $5! Most jobs pay more than $5 so you literally get paid per job within a matter of days. I love that!

Are you curious about what type of jobs that are specifically offered? Well, here are some current job opportunities I've came across:



To get started today simply visit Sverve and sign up for an account. Add 5 areas of influence on your profile and connect your social media accounts in addition to your blog and stats. It doesn't matter if your a new blogger or more established, there are still paid blog jobs for you. Once you're account is setup, start applying for jobs and campaigns that are available. It's also vert important to network with fellow bloggers in your niche to help create a buzz for yourself.

Feel free to connect with me by endorsement and I will follow you back. I would really love that and I really enjoy networking with other bloggers. I'm not stuck up or shy at all. 🙂

In your account you will notice a number on the top dashboard. This number is your influence score and is based on a number of factors. These factors include jobs you complete, your endorsements, your social media following, the content you create and more. You will have an overall score and a score for each area of your 5 influences. So make sure your active and produce quality work so your influence score is high.
I look forward to you joining me on Sverve, let's network! 🙂 Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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