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There are few things I love more than a festive holiday … and a good project. So when all of the adorable sugary sweet Valentine’s Day décor began popping up online and in stores, I immediately began brainstorming on how I could recreate it on a budget. My mind immediately went to a large empty window in our library that was just begging for a pop of pink. I wanted something subtle, easy to construct, and unique. Book Heart Garland seemed like the perfect craft! It was easy, adorable, and best of yet … cheap to make! Here is what you’ll need:



Colorful Cardstock or other paper (glitter scrapbook paper would be fun!)

Discarded Book Pages

Silhouette … or Scissors!

Clear Fishing Line


Book Heart Garland - SBNR -1

Early on, I knew I wanted to create garland strands that alternated between discarded book pages and colorful cardstock. I chose a pretty hot pink, but in hindsight, wish I had splurged for some glittery scrapbook paper (maybe next time!). All the same, I think it turned out cute. I chose to use my Silhouette Portrait to cut my hearts out quickly, but that’s not to say the same effect couldn’t be achieved with a bit of patience and a pair of scissors! If you are a Silhouette user, feel free to use this file I created to cut your own hearts quickly and easily.


Book Heart Garland - SBNR - 2

After cutting out several hundred of these, I was ready to roll. “Sewing” these strands together was really therapeutic and in my crafting zone, I forgot to take photos of this step (oops!), but it was very easy. I cut strands of fishing line about 2-3” longer than I wanted the strand to be, in order to give myself a little room for error. I then tied a knot in one end to act as a stopper, and then threaded the other end through a standard sewing needle. I then threaded the fishing line through the top and bottom of each heart, alternating between the cardstock and book page hearts. Five hearts went well on my strands, but this is where you’ll want to alter your garland to meet your needs.


Book Heart Garland - SBNR - 3


From there, all that was left to do was hang them! I absolutely loved how these turned out. They’re delicate, but sturdy, and they “dance” when air hits them. I also really liked how each strand came out just a little different – don’t worry too much about getting each one identical … I think the slight differences gave it some great character!


Book Heart Garland - SBNR - 4

Where would you hang this simple book heart garland, and what other types of decor will you be making this Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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